'ping' hostap

Martin Polak mpolak
Tue Apr 22 01:50:40 PDT 2003

Ricardo Galli wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 April 2003 10:32, Jarmie Espuerta shaped the electrons to 
> shout:
>>wlan0     IEEE 802.11b  ESSID:"dmr"
>>          Mode:Master  Frequency:2.422GHz  Access Point:
>>00:60:B3:76:9E:8A Bit Rate:11Mb/s   Tx-Power:-4 dBm   Sensitivity=1/3
>                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Put a reasonable value here, at _least_ if you cannot be sure it does 
> work.

It should be fine, if the card ALC's to that value

>>          Retry min limit:8   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
>>          Encryption key:off
>>          Power Management:off
>>          Link Quality:0/92  Signal level:-69 dBm  Noise level:-90 dBm
>                          ^^^^               ^^^^^^^
> No link, possibly due to low tx-power?

Forget Link-Quality, it doesnt work for me neither. Look at the values:
a SNR of 21 dBm should do very fine for a 11 MBit-Link.

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