help me please

Pavel Roskin proski
Sun Apr 20 21:04:51 PDT 2003


> helo im new on the mailing list. and im very desperate. i cant run my
> hostap Zcomax prism 2.5 card on my pc. im using the driver
> hostap-2002-10-12 and the pcmcia-cs-3.1.31 and still not running. can
> somebody help me with the proper procedures on how to install it. im
> using the documentation made by hiraj bhutan.

You shouldn't need pcmcia-cs is it's indeed a plx adapter (unless you are 
using my plx9052 driver, but I guess you are not).

> my card is a Zcomax prism 2.5, and is inserted on a plx(pci to pcmcia
> adapter).  what are the modules tha t should be loaded or should i
> expected to be loaded?

Do you see the PLX chip on the card?

> Module                      Size         Used  by        Not tainted
> hostap_cs                 44648           0    [unused]

What are the kernel messages when hostap_cs is loaded?  Use dmesg to print
recent messages.  Use "dmesg -n 8" to show all messages on the console.

> i82365                    26384          1           

Why is i82365 loaded?  Do you have another PCMCIA adapter?  If not, then
it may be you adapter that you think is PLX.  Then make sure you set the 
"irq_mode=0" parameter to the module.

What does "cardctl ident" show?

> but why is that the modules loaded is still hostap_cs when in fact i did 
> the 'make install_plx'.  supposedly i should expect the hostap_plx to be 
> loaded instead hostap_cs when i execute the lsmod. there was no error in 
> the 'make install_plx' but when i did the 'modprobe hostap_plx' there 
> was an error saying "insmod hostap_plx failed".

Please quote the error messages exactly, don't rephrase them.

> and still no mac address everytime i reinsert the card.  thank you once
> again.

That's very unclear.  You are posting your interpretation instead of the 
facts you are observing (e.g. the output of "ifconfig -a").

Pavel Roskin

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