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Oliver Baltz info
Fri Apr 18 03:32:27 PDT 2003

Hi at All,

I am refeering to following HOWTO:

Do I have to install the following patches and 2.4.20 kernel or does it work with bf24 on debian woody?

Things You'll Need Before Starting With 2002-10-12 

First, you'll need to acquire these things: 

  a.. Linux Kernel v2.4.20 
  b.. Host AP driver driver v2002-10-12 
  c.. Linux Wireless Extensions Tools v25 (or apt-get install wireless-tools under Debian GNU/Linux) 
  d.. Wireless Extensions v15 patch 
  e.. Wireless Extensions v16 patch (optional, but useful if you want to run more recent HostAP CVS) 
  f.. Optionally you can install any other Wireless Extensions patches you may need, but most of these are already in 2.4.20-pre2 and above. 
Thanks for help,

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