How to change physical MAC address on MA411 (HFA3842)

david jaoui djaoui
Wed Apr 16 07:32:03 PDT 2003

Hi, I was struggling with routing problems for a week (no packet was routed trough the AP except dhcp discover) when I found out that the NIC on the AP and the NIC on the client computer had the same MAC physical address (not PDA's MAC) : both NIC are Netgear (they suck !) MA411.After test, that was indeed the cause of the problem. I can change the PDA's MAC but that's not a solution to that problem.Does anyone know how to modify that MAC Physical address (if it's possible) on that 800c (HFA3842) platform ?
Netgear Customer Support didn't want to help. Also, does anyone know or can make a "how to" on reflashing dead HFA3841 cards cause I haven't understood nothing from these days discussions.
I don't achieve nothing with dosflash (I have auxenable failed and busy bit not cleared errors).Regards, David Jaoui

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