Sending packets with raw sockets

Dave Hinkle hinkle
Fri Apr 11 14:08:46 PDT 2003

Hello,  I am unable to send packets from cards using the hostap driver using
raw sockets.   
I am the author of some management software we use for linux wireless router
monitoring/control, and I use raw sockets so I can still talk to my
userspace software when the ip or routing information is wrong.
Currently we use cisco cards.  The aironet driver does allow for sending
packets with raw sockets.   I'd love to use the hostap stuff though, then I
can do away with my bridges/access points.
I send the packet over the raw socket and all looks well, I get no error
messages and can even see the packet when in tcpdump packet captures running
on the transmiting router.  However, no other machines on the network can
detect the packet.  I can even see the packet when I "dump tx frame headers"
using iwpriv.
Is there something I can tweak or even re-write to make this work?  I'm a
competent kernel developer, but I've never spent any time with network
drivers.  If anybody could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate
it.  Well, right now I'm going to go and try and see what happens to a
packet after the "dump tx frame headers" and see what might be dropping
Also something you might want to know, I think the driver drops any packets
coming from the Ethernet broadcast address.
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