Discontinuation of Linux 2.2.x and old wireless extensions support

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Apr 11 19:58:15 PDT 2003

I'm considering of dropping support for Linux 2.2.x and old wireless
extensions support from the future releases of Host AP driver. My
current plan is to first release at least one version (v0.0.2) as a bug
fix release for v0.0.1. After that, I would clean up the driver source
code by removing all backwards compatibility definitions and release
this as v0.1.0. If any major bugs are found in v0.0.2, I could consider
releasing other 0.0.x versions as bug fix releases, but these would not
be getting any new features.

If you think that support for old versions should not be removed from
the Host AP driver, now would be a good time to make this known. Please
include some justification for this and do note that maintaining this
backwards compatibility code and testing old versions is taking
considerable (and increasing) amount of my time and this will be away
from developing new features or working on stability of the driver, etc.
You can of course continue using v0.0.x releases of the driver with
older Linux versions; you would just not be getting new features from
the versions I release.

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