AP client mode

JuanJo Ciarlante jjo-hostap
Fri Apr 11 06:37:47 PDT 2003

 I'm trying to setup my --already working-- STA as AP client.
 I'm using 2.4.20 + hostap-0.0.1 -DPRISM2_HOSTAPD -DPRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT
 on a DWL520 (fw 1.3.4).
 hostapd.conf has correct  assoc_ap_addr=<uplink_AP_MAC>
 Uplink AP is in open mode (Nokia A032).
 From README.prism2:
        wds_type: WDS type bitfield
	          2 = use AP client mode in 'Managed mode'
... SEEMS that wlan card should in "managed" mode. Starting in managed mode
+ iwpriv wlan0 wds_type 2 associates even before launching hostapd;
launching hostapd has no effect (after all I'm _not_ in master mode).

Doing the other way, master mode + wds_type + hostapd correctly setups my
"local" AP (local STA gets associated Ok) _but_ I lose my association with
"uplink" AP, hostapd -dd shows some errors regarding auth ACKs (which
suggests that hostapd is trying to auth with uplink AP, which is in open

I don't know how to follow from here, thanks in advance.


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