Newbie questions, access problems

Christian Marx christian_marx
Thu Apr 10 09:50:31 PDT 2003


i?ve got some newbie questions.
I try to create an access point on a RedHat Linux 7.3 maschine.
These are the specs:

AMD K6 II/300
NetGear MA311 wireless PCI adapter
Intel EthernetPro 100 wired PCI adapter
RedHat Linux 7.3
Kernel 2.4.18-27.7.x

I've no problems to compile and activate the drivers and the daemon.
My problems began when i try to access my WLAN.

I can see the WLAN.
I can access the WLAN.

But i?ve no chance to get an IP adress from the DHCP Server.
Also i?ve got no chance to "ping" some machines in my wired network, 
even when i configure a fixed IP Adress on my wireless client.

My network looks like this:

IP address eth0
IP address eth0:0
IP address eth0:1
IP address eth1
IP address wlan0

Default gateway
No iptables rulebase.

The DHCP Server looks on the interface wlan0.

And here are my questions:
Do i need another network configuration ?
Do i need the bridging functionality ?

Thank you for every informations !


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