Hostapd FreeRadius XSupplicant

Oleg Izhvanov OIzhvanov
Thu Apr 10 06:12:11 PDT 2003

Gilad Suberri wrote:

> Hi, I have two computers setup, one is running FreeRadius and a wireless
> card in Master mode, the other is running XSupplicant and a wirless card
> in Managed mode.  I start Hostapd and FreeRadius and then use XSupplicant
> to connect.  The freeradius server eventually crashes with this error:
> relocation error: /usr/..../ undefined symbol
> SSL_set_msg_callback.
> The hostapd daemon gives these messages at this time:
> IEEE 802.1x : Unauthorized station

What version of OpenSSL do you use ? Such errors are common when OpenSSL
version installed differs from that is expected by FreeRADIUS EAP/TLS
module.I don't know whether OpenSSL coming with RedHat 8.0 is suitable
for FreeRADIUS. There is one document, which might help you, related to
FreeRADIUS setup & XSupplicant setup:

Try to use version of OpenSSL from within the document or get
latest CVS version of OpenSSL.

BR, Oleg Izhvanov <oleg.izhvanov at>

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