Problems with WEP Connection

Georg Buschbeck georg
Wed Apr 9 06:31:02 PDT 2003


I'm a new user to HostAP. I use the Siemens M11 i-gate PCMICA card ( 
and in future the PCI version, too). It's based on the PrismII. With 
HostAP i use today's CVS-Version.

1) When I run HostAP without using WEP, i doing very well, besides, 
dhcpd is not running on this interface?
2) Using WEP - The Connection get's established, but automaticly i 
can't send tcp/ip packets (ping) to the remote machine. I tried mapping 
the hardware adress manualy - and it worked.
But why doesn't it work automaticly?

My System:
Toshiba 4090 CDS,
linux 2.4.20,
wireless-tools Version 25

Any suggestions?


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