Can anyone help me about win2k client talk with AP by 802.1x ?

tan keen keentan_coldfire
Wed Apr 9 06:00:32 PDT 2003


   I have run winXP client (DWL-520) with hostap(2002-10 release , DWL-520) and freeradius , it  works well . 

    But  , now i replace the winxp client with win2k's one( i have upgraded the win2000 sp3 and download client from MS's web site ), after configuring  the adapter to use 802.1x method , i found that the client can not talk with hostap(it seems the client can not send any useful frame to  ap) , Does  anyone  have the same experiences?

     when i disable the 802.1x method , the client can communicate with hostap by 802.11 frames .  

  The hostap can't support win2k client using 802.1x  ? Is there something wrong with win2k client using 802.1x ?

    Could you give me some suggests?   Thanks !!

best regards ,


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