It worked. Was WDS not working and others.

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo
Sun Apr 6 20:28:51 PDT 2003

I made it work. Thanks for the mails that helped... O as promised,
I made a mini-howto. Download at will.

Here's the short version of the story. Howto is online at

	I spent last entire day trying to get my next door neighbor conencted
to a small wlan I share with another neighbor. I had been using wlan-ng
in ad-hoc mode to comunicate with neighbor 1, but as neighbor 1 and 2 are
out of range between them, and neighbor's 2 computer is too old for a
wireless lan of his own, I had to get a Linksys WAP11 working as a client
or my Linux box running as an AP.

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