Dead card after wrong pda and firmware flashing

david jaoui djaoui
Sun Apr 6 14:11:59 PDT 2003

Genesis mode stops normal startup from flash and make the card wait for
commands that can be used to write the flash. It should allow 
of cards that have invalid firmware image on them.

OK, but does that work for replacing wrong PDA too ?
Is it possible to reflash the whole flash ?
Can you give the right command line to flash correctly with a whole flash memory image in a right way with genesis mode or host based flash mode ? (cause i'm lost)

For now, with those modes I still have "busy bit uncleared" or "Memory Allocation Error".
Hope it's not too bad Doc.

I hope it'll be solved in order not to throw a 127 ? PCMCIA card to the garbage.
Thanks, Bye

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