WDS Speeds Fixed

Dave dave
Sun Apr 6 01:35:36 PST 2003

Thanks for the WDS speed fix Jouni! It works well now @ 11Mbps between 2
hostap boxes.

I still have a minor problem somewhat related...if you have any tips to
point me in the right direction they will be greatly appreciated.

Linux 2.4.20
Hostap latest release (few hours ago)
Senao cards

AP1 has 1 radio dedicated to Master mode (channel 1, essid test) and one
radio dedicated to a WDS link to AP2 (channel 11, essid testWDS). AP2 has
one radio dedicated to the WDS link to AP1 (channel 11, essid testWDS).

When transferring a 10Mb file from AP2 to AP1 via the console, I can see
that the WDS is now running @ 11Mbps as I get it in about 30 seconds or so.
When a STA associates to the AP1 master radio and transfers a 10Mb file from
AP1 to the STA I see speeds around 5Mbps...all is good here.

When I bridge wlan0 and wlan1wds0 on AP1 using Linux bridging and I try to
download a 10Mb file from AP2 through the AP1 bridge I am seeing only about
1.5Mbps maximum.

Is there something I should be looking out for on the bridge on AP1 or
something? It is obvious to me that the bottleneck is not the WDS link
between AP1 and AP2 nor is the bottleneck between the STA and AP1 since
between all of them I can get full speed...but when going through the bridge
on AP1 I am losing most of the bandwidth....any ideas?



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