Reauthentication Problem

Israel Cardenas Romero icardenas
Sat Apr 5 06:58:23 PST 2003

> > This problem occurs every hour / 3600 seconds (this is configured Reauth
> > timer)
> > during the "REAUTH_TIMER entering state
> > REAUTHENTICATE" process. This process some times seems to break the
> > network connection
> > and reauthentication does not occur.
> Which wlan card model are you using in the station? I do not see this
> problem in my tests with Lucent WaveLAN as a station. See my previous
> message to the list for more details.

I have this problem too. I'm using two HostAP boxes, first with a Conceptronic PCI 
card and sencond with a USRobotics PCMCIA card. Stations uses Cisco Aironet 350 
cards or Orinoco cards.

Stations with Windows XP supplicants loose connection when reauthentication 
process ocurs. Even these stations have problems to login into wireless network, 
because they have to try login into two or three times to get it.

I've comprobed that stations using AEGIS client (from MeetingHouse) in Windows 
2000 and Windows XP haven't this problem, and all reauthentications are good.

Can this be a problem of Windows XP client, or a problem of HostAP 802.1x 

Israel Cardenas Romero

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