Reauthentication Problem

Venkatesh N venky
Fri Apr 4 07:06:45 PST 2003

Hi All,

I am using the latest cvs version of hostap with both 802.1x and IAPP
On the station side I am using windows XP.
The 802.1x EAP authentication works fine.Thanks to authors of hostap.

But I did observe a minor problem.
This problem occurs every hour / 3600 seconds (this is configured Reauth
during the "REAUTH_TIMER entering state
REAUTHENTICATE" process. This process some times seems to break the
network connection
and reauthentication does not occur.
The REAUTH state remains at INITIALIZE

Can anyone give any pointers to what might be causing this problem.

Thanks for all your valuable time........

Venkatesh N

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