Dead card after wrong pda and firmware flashing

david jaoui djaoui
Thu Apr 3 07:58:00 PST 2003


Thanx for your answer Jouni.

You might be right : it's not sure it's a prism 2.5.

I have the dosflash utility and I have tryed it.
I have access to the card in legacy mode and I can do some stuffs in Genesis mode
but, I have errors and i can't complete operations.

About the software, The problem seems to be the PDA.
Before messing up with my card, I dumped everything : PDA, firmware and the whole flash.

Do you think they are valid to use and to reinsert into the card ?
If it still fail, do you think my card can go to garbage ?

Is Genesis mode a way to have full access to the card ? Because it's seems to be blocked. (busy bit uncleared error).

Maybe I don't type the right command line under dos. Can you help about that ?


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