802.1x Support

Selcuk OZTURK hozturk
Sat Nov 30 11:14:11 PST 2002

I have RH 7.2 working on 2.4.20pre11 kernel. I'm using D-link DWL650
Wireless NIC. I can run hostapd but when I try to connect my hostapd
with a Radius Server to support 802.1x Authentication, I got this

>> ./hostapd -x -o xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. -s xxxx  wlan0 

  Using interface wlan0ap with hwaddr xxxxxxxxxxxx and ssid xxxxx
  ioctl [ PRISM_IOCTL_PRISM2_PARAM] : Operation not supported
  Could not setup IEEE 802.1X support in kernel driver.

Could someone help me ? 


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