Jason Boxman jasonb
Sat Nov 30 10:02:23 PST 2002

On Saturday 30 November 2002 12:07 pm, Simon Daykin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just got hostap_pci running on a Netgear MA311 Wireless PCI card,
> which seems to be based on a Prism 2 chipset.  Its not listed much on
> the web so I was pretty please to get it up.  I have had it running in
> master mode without a problem.  However,  my question is, where can I
> find out detailed information on the hostap modes (e.g. Master, Slave,
> Repeater etc)?  I am especially interested in Repeater Mode.  Exactly
> what is this? How does it relate to ad-hoc and infrastructure modes? Can
> I use it to extend the range of wireless lans without backbone cabling?

man iwconfig gives a brief description of what these modes do.

For HostAP, repeater mode is WDS mode I believe.  You could use repeater mode 
to extend range without cabling, but you would need multiple HostAP boxes (or 
OpenAP).  With STA v1.5.6 I think it's possible to speak to proprietary APs 
to do something similar, but I can't get that revision onto any of my cards 
so I don't know for sure.

README.Prism2 has lots of information on WDS if you're curious.

> Any help/info/pointers gratefully received.
> Many thanks,
> Simon


Jason Boxman
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