how many client can join at the same time ?

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Nov 29 08:15:58 PST 2002

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> How many client can join to hostap at the same time ? 

hostap_ap.h has a default value 1024 as MAX_STA_COUNT for limiting the
maximum number of station entries and value 128 as the size of the AID
table. These can be changed if more stations need to be supported, but
802.11 has hard limit of 2007 AID. Anyway, I would assume that you would
run out of bandwidth before reaching this limit. I have not tested the
driver with many stations, so I'm not sure how much they will affect the
performance. Station lookups use a hash table and I would assume that it
is fast enough to support at least that 1024 stations without problems.

If by "join at the same time" you mean that the station are trying to
perform authentication and association at the exactly same time (e.g.,
after a power failure of an AP or something like that), there will be
problems if the response time between auth/assoc request and reply gets
too large. Same issue can be seen when a station is trying to associate
with an AP when the network is flooded with lots of data packets.

> and the lastest cvs tree hostap too slow to handling Tx/Rx  isn't it ? 

What do you mean?

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