Multicast throughput limited

Bichot Guillaume Princeton BichotG
Mon Nov 25 14:12:02 PST 2002

Thank you dave,

I've tried the iwpriv command to decrease the beacon period but I got the
# iwpriv wlan0 prism2_param wlan0 dtim_period
# Interface doesn't accept private ioctl
# prism2_param (8BE0): Operation not supported

I'm using the following Linksys PCI WMP11, hostap-2002-09-12,

Do you know how can I get the AP firmware ?

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Hi  Guillaume,

I've seen the same thing with a PrismII card running in hostAP mode (not
using hostap code). I'm fairly sure that this is related to the card
firmware, as it appears that broadcast and multicast traffic are delayed
until the next beacon frame. The AP firmware has the ability to overcome
this limitation but the standard Station firmware does not.

If you try decreasing the period between frames, does the throughput

Hope this helps


Bichot Guillaume (Princeton) wrote:

Hi all, 
I've detected that multicast traffic is limited by the access point
(hostap-2002-09-12 + PCI Linksys WMP11). 
Does it come from the firmware or the driver ? 
Guillaume Bichot 
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