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Patrick Lafarguette patrick
Mon Nov 25 01:47:25 PST 2002

I use hostap with some Belkin F5D6020 Prism 2 cards with a sort of pseudo PCF traffic.
A card is in master mode and the other cards are in managed mode. There is an interrogation cycle. A query is sent to a station. The station send a response to the AP and the AP process the next station.
So the exchange is directed by the AP and I want to prevent other traffic to create perturbation because the time for the whole process is very important. Beacons are sent by the AP and I know that it is firmware based so we can't suppress this.
An other fact is that I want to do handover when I decide it. Stations knows their positions and from this information AP will tell the station to change his channel to leave a cell and reach another AP in the next cell.
I have tried parameters like AP MAC address with host_roaming parameter set to 1 and I have quick cell change. But I want also to suppress probe, authentication and association frames exchange. After reading code and debug message, I have seen that the preffered AP parameter is used to choose the AP from scan results.
Is it possible to create new ioctls in order to provide to hostap driver the informations needed for the handover, but preventing the frames to be generated.
On the AP side I can provide the station MAC address and on the station side I can provide the ap MAC address, the new channel, the ESSID ...
I have seen from the 802.11 standard that an ID is exchanged during association beetween AP and station. I don't know if there is more information needed.
Do you think that it is possible to modify hostap driver to fit my needs.
Thanks for your response.

Patrick Lafarguette
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