RH 8.0 and hostap 10-12

Peter Buelow pete
Sun Nov 24 19:33:29 PST 2002

I thought I would add this. This is also a response to Golden G. 
Richard's question. With the latest RH kernel for 8.0, and with the 
latest CVS version of hostap, things seem to work for RH 8.0 just fine. 
I'm playing with txpower settings and running netperf right now over the 
link, and everything seems to be good to go. Nothing interesting in dmesg.

Quick question though. I get about 5mbs a sec using netperf with default 
options and an MTU of 1500. This is about 4 feet from the antenna, so 
link quality is excellent (92%). Really, even in my bedroom (50ft), same 
rate. I know that on an 11mbs connection, all 11 isn't possible, but I 
was wondering if there are tuning options to make up some of the other 
half I'm not getting? Maybe a different MTU, or some fun with iwconfig 
or the driver? Just curious, as I haven't seen anything in the message 
archives recent about this. Thanks in advance.

Peter Buelow wrote:

>  Has anyone had any trouble with the lastest hostap_pci release and RH
>8.0 kernel 2.4.18-17? This is the first service release of that kernel,
>as I haven't tried the new errata kernel just released today. It's a
>stock RH kernel, never recompiled or modified, stock .config used to
>build the module. It works with little problem (actually, one issue, but
>I can work around that) with the 2.4.18 that comes with the install
>CD's. Actually, I'm writing this over that wireless link. Anyway, I can
>post the kernel panic if anyone is interested, but mostly I'm intersted
>to know if anyone else has had problems. I want to use the latest kernel
>(I'll probably try the new kernel tomorrow morning with the latest
>hostap_pci from cvs) to avoid a couple of security issues as this box is
>my everything at home box. Thanks for any info given.

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