HostAP digest, Vol 1 #41 - 13 msgs

张 东 hotvsat
Wed Nov 20 22:34:57 PST 2002

I have the same problem, it seems that the 'prism2_param wlan0 
other_ap_policy 2' is not work. Are there some points we were not think of? 

some info:
linux kernel 2.4.3
hostap driver 2002-05-19

at last, I fixed the rate at 11Mbps in the driver directly, and recompiled, 
then I got about 4.7Mbps throughput under two-nodes WDS. 

How can I get "auto rate" under WDS?


>When I am setting ('prism2_param wlan0 other_ap_policy 2; iwconfig wlan0
>rate 11M fixed') on both sides nothing happens. Transfer is about 180 
>Maybe I am doing something wrong ?
> > Have you seen "low throughput under WDS" thread on this mailing list a
> > week ago? I would guess that the same thing is causing the low
> > performance in your setup. In other words, the link is actually fixed 
> > 2 Mbps with WDS unless you have configured the driver to process beacon
> > frames from other APs ('prism2_param wlan0 other_ap_policy 2'). I will
> > fix this at some point, but for now, you should be able to get the TX
> > rate controlling to work with this command.

??????????????? MSN Hotmail? 

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