AP mode with secondary firmware

Seungpyo Hong shong
Wed Nov 20 18:21:42 PST 2002

Hi guys,

While struggling to make an AP with prism secondary firmware,
I found two conflicting statements.

1) You can make it !
    -  from  linux-wlan-ng FAQ 
> Q: Can I use my 802.11b card as an AP under Linux?
>     Yes, and in the true free software fashion, there are several ways:
>     a) linux-wlan-ng supports AP operation by using special tertiary
>        firmware on prism devices.  This firmware is not generally
>        available, however.   Contact Intersil for licensing terms.
>     b) The Prism2 HostAP driver uses the special HostAP mode of the
>         prism chipsets.            http://people.ssh.com/jkm/Prism2/
>     c) The OpenAP project, which involves flashing Linux on access
>         points.                    http://opensource.instant802.com/

  Accroding to the FAQ, Building an AP with secondary firmware is possible. 

2) You cannot make it - tertiary firmware is required.
    - from linux-wlan-ng mailing list archive

Can anybody tell me which is true?

If both of above statements are true, 
 wlan-ng requires the tertiary firmware for AP mode,
 and hostAP requires the secondary firmware for AP mode. 
 is it right?

Thanks in advance, 
S .Hong

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