HostAP in the kernel ?

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Wed Nov 20 12:21:41 PST 2002

	Hi Jouni,

	I would like to plan in advance to make sure we get the HostAP
driver integrated in kernel 2.6.X. We still have until this summer,
but I hate to do things last minute.
	I think a lot of users would appreciate it. The advantage is
obvious : it would come pre-installed in most distributions.

	Concerns :
	o 2.5.X stabilisation. My hope is that in a few month they
will stop changing kernel APIs. Currently module support is broken.
	o crypto : the kernel just included a new crypto API. Maybe
you may want to hook host-wep to it, that would be an easier sell.

	On the Wireless Extension side, I believe that everything we
discussed has been included. I'm planning to work on WE-16 (mostly
reworking iwspy support), so if you need an extra feature, tell me
about it.

	Any comments ?

	Have fun...


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