latest cards?

Yanghwee mx5yh
Mon Nov 18 17:57:20 PST 2002


not exactly my latest list of cards evaluated, but previously i've been
this with hostap upto12Oct02 version with wireless tools v25
and wireless ext v14.

extracted from my webpage,

WirelessLAN PC Cards Tested

  Cards compatible to operate with HostAP:
   * Linksys WPC11 Version 3
   * Senao SL-2011CD and SL-2011CD PLUS
   * Level-One WPC-0100
   * Fulbond Airbond XI-300B
   * SparkLAN WL-311F


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> Hi,
> could someone simply list several WLAN cards from any vendor, which
> reliably work in HostAP mode? Thank you in advance
> Adomas.
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