802.1x EAP and the PAE

Zachary Ortogero zack
Mon Nov 18 14:16:17 PST 2002

HostAP list,

Some quick questions regarding EAP in hostap...

The PAE is what filters the traffic between the supplicant 
(the client) and the authenticator (the AP) so that only 
traffic destined for the authentication service (Radius) is 
allowed through the AP. Am I right on that?

If that is correct then is it safe to assume that in HostAP 
ONLY EAP traffic is allowed through. I ask because I'd like 
to combine this feature with a captive portal. This would 
allow users to download the supplicant software to their 
client computers so they can authenticate using EAP to gain 
access using the wireless network. Maybe there could also 
be a way so that if the user did not choose to download the 
supplicant software they could still be authenticated via 
the captive portal and allowed through? Just some 

Thanx in advance!

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