hostap & channel bonding

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Sun Nov 17 07:36:35 PST 2002

Jason Straight wrote:

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> On Sunday 17 November 2002 10:12, Christian Zoffoli wrote:
> > > You intend to use 6 radio transmitters with one antenna with a splitter
> > > of some sort?
> >
> > not a splitter ...with some circulators.
> I'm afraid you'll find transmitting multiple sources on one antenna won't
> work. Here's a very good site with information about doing outdoor links:
> It also touches on using multiple radios on one antenna - it will work for
> recv, but the antenna cant xmit that many sources at one time without
> problems.

Don't be afraid to try.  We are doing it already.  Two radios, 1 antenna.  I've
heard people telling me, no no no, it won't work, it will be bad, you will have
problems.  But, I tried it, it works, no problems yet (only set it up a couple
days ago).  I've even taken two radios, back to back, via coax, no antennas,
and they work just fine.  Then, two radios, into a splitter, with one of the
radios associated with the other radio, so the client device is scanning the
area using the same antenna as the transmitter, yet I can login to it without
utilizing an ethernet port.

If you do it, couple suggestions:
1 - Use channels that are separated as far apart as possible (ie, channel 1 and
11 or 1 and 14 if your country allows it).
2 - If you use an amp (yes, we've tried it with a single amp and single
antenna, sharing 2 radios), don't use a tunable amp, because you'll have to use
a wider part of the spectrum to utilize both radios at the same time, without
packet loss due to collisions (ie, self-interference).


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