hostap & channel bonding

Christian Zoffoli czoffoli
Sun Nov 17 07:12:31 PST 2002

Jason Straight ha scritto:
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> On Sunday 17 November 2002 09:44, Christian Zoffoli wrote:
>>the main problem is that i want to brach 3 channels with  horizontal
>>polarization and 3 channels with vertical polarization ;) with only one
>>antenna (dual pol.) .
> You intend to use 6 radio transmitters with one antenna with a splitter of 
> some sort?

not a splitter ...with some circulators.

>>>I'm interested in what you turn up, I've actually been thinking about
>>>doing a link like that here. We have one 4mi PtP link that doesn't quite
>>>clear the fresnel zone all the way and with the loss of tree attenuation
>>>can only move 5.5 over it and I'd love to setup another link to get the
>>>other 5.5.
>>>You wouldn't happen to work for a WISP yourself?
>>What do you mean ?
> If you worked for an ISP that provided wireless service outdoors with 802.11b.
> WISP=Wireless ISP

no, in Italy is not possible to provide wireless services like a WISP.
I'm working to make a wireless backbone for my business.


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