hostap & channel bonding

Christian Zoffoli czoffoli
Sun Nov 17 06:44:06 PST 2002

Jason Straight ha scritto:

>>>I wouldn't think that would be the problem - how are you going to filter?
>>after a session with a spectrum analizer hp 8592a i have found some
>>unwanted armonics on the sides of the main spectrum. I plain to adopt 3
>>band pass filters to attenuate interferences between channels (1-6-11 /
>>2-7-12 / 3-8-13).
>> > Is this a long link- outdoor?
>>it will be ...
>>>What kinds of antenna are you using?
>>some andrew 26T-2400 ...and some professional antennas.
> It seems odd that interference between the 2 with a good spread would have 
> problems, we have a lot of 802.11 traffic in our small 2 wireless ISP town. 
> And are using 1,6,11 at our site even without a real problem, I assume since 
> you know how to use an SA that you know what you are doing ;) but I was 
> wondering if you need to move your antenna's farther apart (4ft or more), and 
> have you tried polarization? Put one vertical and one horizontal?

the main problem is that i want to brach 3 channels with  horizontal 
polarization and 3 channels with vertical polarization ;) with only one 
antenna (dual pol.) .

> I'm interested in what you turn up, I've actually been thinking about doing a 
> link like that here. We have one 4mi PtP link that doesn't quite clear the 
> fresnel zone all the way and with the loss of tree attenuation can only move 
> 5.5 over it and I'd love to setup another link to get the other 5.5.


> You wouldn't happen to work for a WISP yourself?

What do you mean ?


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