Problem initializing hostap_cs on dwl 650

Pavel Roskin proski
Fri Nov 15 10:45:23 PST 2002


> hostap_cs: RequestIRQ: Resource in use

It looks like that your PCMCIA driver cannot figure out what interrupts 
(ISA or PCI) should be used for the PCMCIA cards.

If you are using pcmcia-cs from RedHat, recompile the kernel without
PCMCIA or recompile pcmcia-cs, but configure it with the "--force" option
to compile the new modules.

Once you have done it (or if you have pcmcia-cs modules already) 
give the option irq_mode=0 for the i82365 module.

I'm sure there are many FAQs about this issue.  Please find and read them
if you have more questions.  This problem is not related to HostAP.

Pavel Roskin

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