Possible bug in STA f/w 1.5.6

Martin Whitlock martin.whitlock
Fri Nov 15 03:29:24 PST 2002

I beleive I've found a bug in STA f/w 1.5.6 while trying to solve the
HostAP(Client)-to-HostAP(AP) problem. I don't think that this possible f/w
bug is the only reason for my troubles, but it could definately be one

I have a HostAP (#1, f/w 1.3.6) in Master mode (with other_ap_policy=2)
I start another device with HostAP (#2, f/w 1.5.6), default settting Master
#1 sees #2 and get thats it is a AP
I change mode on #2 into Managed mode
#1 _still_ thinks that #2 is an AP
#2 tries to associate, but #1 prints debug message (AP trying to associate?)
iwconfig on #2 shows a good signal quality, but macaddress 44:44:44:44:44:44
When I kick #2's macaddress it associates just fine.

With f/w 1.3.6 in #2 this problem does not occur, but I havn't tested any
versions in between of 1.3.6 and 1.5.6. Also if I switch other_ap_policy to
0 in #1, the problem disappears.

QUESTION: Would it be a bad idea to let HostAP driver do a kick_mac on that
address each time it thinks an AP is trying to associate?

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