Tertiary firmware and correct RIDs

Stuffed Crust pizza
Thu Nov 14 09:20:06 PST 2002

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 04:37:56PM -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't know you are reading this list :-)

Oh, there are lurkers everywhere.  :)

A lot of good ideas come through here, after all..

> I mean, wlanctl-ng is 74k when linked dynamically against uClibc.  
> iwconfig and iwpriv together are 44k.  Not really much, but in my
> configuration, every kilobyte counts.  Besides, I think it will be easier
> to compile HostAP into the kernel, thus eliminating insmod from busybox.

Yeah, relatively recent changes have made the static linking problem
easier, but I can't argue with the 30k size difference.  :p
Fortunately, there are usually much more bloated things to skin down.  

> I simply prefer to have choice as long as I can.  linux-wlan-ng works with
> firmware AP, HostAP doesn't.  If I fix HostAP today, I'll have a choice
> tomorrow.  It can be handy if I try to squeeze e.g. sshd into the last
> kilobytes of the flash.

Ah, Free Software.   Without choices, nothing would improve.  much.  :)

But keep in mind that Intersil doesn't like it when people don't pay 'em
for a tertiary firmware license.  Gotta love those monolothic corporations..

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