HostAP IEEE 802.1x modifications

Oleg Izhvanov oleg.izhvanov
Thu Nov 14 05:52:35 PST 2002

On Wednesday 13 November 2002 15:43, Dominique Blas wrote:

> > I've just made some enhancements to HostAP userspace daemon.
> > I added support for dynamic WEP rekeing and support for non-prism
> > based cards. If the WLAN card driver supports hostap mode and
> > the latest version of Wireless Extensions, then the daemon acts as
> > an 802.1x authenticator only. I will post the patch if it interests
> > somebody.
> Yep, Oleg, go on. That would be really useful.
> Is it easy to integrate it in the main tree and to switch it on or off
> throught a #define in hostap_config.h ?

Imho, there will be no problem to integrate the patch in the main tree and put
it under #define.
    When hostap daemon is started it checks if specified in commandline *ap
device is available. If the detection is successful then it acts as usual,
except of WEP rekeying. If the detection fails then the daemon checks if
Wireless Extensions are available, setups a rtnetlink socket to listen for 
wireless events. A socket filter is used to filter out all of non-EAPOL
packets out of the wireless interface. WEP rekeying is enabled by default,
you can specify a period of time after which rekeying will occur.
  The WEP rekeying mechanism is not stable yet. As EAPOL-Key frames isn't
acknowledged by it's very nature, so AP can't guarantee the reception of the
WEP key by a particular station, i.e. if the station doesn't receive the key 
it won't be able to communicate with AP. Any ideas and methods of guaranteed
delivery of WEP keys are welcome.


Best regards, Oleg Izhvanov <oleg.izhvanov at>

	Best Regards, Oleg Izhvanov <oleg.izhvanov at>

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