Tertiary firmware and correct RIDs

Christian Zoffoli czoffoli
Wed Nov 13 13:40:20 PST 2002

Pavel Roskin ha scritto:
> Hello!
>>what are the advantages using the tertiary firmare ?
> Tertiary firmware does some operations (802.11 management functions)  
> automatically in the firmware, while in the HostAP mode those operations
> have to be done by the driver.
> The current HostAP code is so good, that I really cannot talk about
> advantages of tertiary firmware unless you are very limited with the
> processing power or memory of your host machine.
> The disadvantage is that the Intersil tertiary firmware is proprietary, so
> you cannot fix it if it does the wrong thing, unlike HostAP.  In fact, you
> cannot even distribute the tertiary firmware legally.
> I'm trying to add tertiary firmware support to replace a proprietary OS
> with Linux on systems with wireless cards already using tertiary firmware.

thank you for your answer.


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