Tertiary firmware and correct RIDs

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Nov 13 11:53:06 PST 2002

Hello, Dominique!

> I've retrieved a tertiary firmware for Prism2 (works only on PCMCIA) on the 
> Net.
> It's version is 0.3.7.

I'm using the same version.

> I downloaded it into RAM : download is ok.
> Direct ioctl (through iwpriv) seems to work but a few basic functions like 
> iwconfig wlan0 essid ESSID don't work anymore.

I have posted a patch for ESSID setting:


I'm sure there are other little details that need to be fixed.  I hope to
fix them soon, because I want to make a firmware based OpenAP, and
linux-wlan-ng is a bit too heavy for embedded systems.

If you want to use your card as an access point now, check linux-wlan-ng -
I posted some fixes to their mailing list
(http://lists.linux-wlan.com/pipermail/linux-wlan-devel/) that actually
make it work as an AP.  You'll need prism2dl (search the web) to program
the firmware with that driver.  Note that prism2dl is extremely unsafe
compared to prism2_srec from HostAP - make sure that prism2_srec says the
firmware is OK.

> 	1. How can I do to retrieve the documented list of correct and new RID
> 	to make this firmware work (I'm currently looking to neutralize ESSID in
> 	beacon frames) ?

I hope somebody else can answer that question.  Otherwise, you can search
the web or sign an NDA with Intersil.

> 	2. How can I be sure this firmware is well working ?
> 	Looking to a trace through another wlan interface on
> 	the network doesn't show any beaconing frame.

Set up Ethereal and check captured packets.

Pavel Roskin

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