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evilbunny evilbunny
Wed Nov 13 06:45:44 PST 2002

Hello Martin,

I only used the CVS version (as per instructions for extracting) i
didn't have that problem, came back with errors with primary firmware

Best regards,
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Thursday, November 14, 2002, 1:37:20 AM, you wrote:

MP> evilbunny schrieb:
>> Hello Martin,
>> http://www.sydneywireless.com/hostap/

MP> Thanks, but trying to use these files, prism2_srec stops with a parse 
MP> error. Do I possibly need a newer version of that utility?

MP> output:
MP> igate:~/hostap-2002-10-12/utils # ./prism2_srec  eth2 ./1.5.6/r1010506.hex
MP> Invalid S3 firmware info len: len=18 words=7
MP> S3 parse error; line=13
MP> Errors found - file cannot be used
MP> Parsing './1.5.6/r1010506.hex' failed.

MP> Martin

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