low throughput under WDS

张 东 hotvsat
Sat Nov 9 23:46:42 PST 2002

Thanks for your reply.

I think it is not the matter, because I just setup two WDS nodes, and each 
one was connected to a laptop by 10/100 LAN interface. One sends and the 
other receives,v.v.

QCheck tell me the TCP throughput is about 1.4Mbps, and it is symmetry on 
both directions.

The hostAP driver is just move the fourth address into the payload, does it 
make so great effect on the throughput?

>From: Magnus Ekhall <koma at lysator.liu.se>
>To: ? ? <hotvsat at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: low throughput under WDS
>Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 11:34:39 +0100
>WDS is not good for the throughput: The APs in the WDS must transmit 
>on the same channel. So, when one AP send, the others cannot send or 
>receive. This affects throughput.

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