Why isn't CVS updated for weeks?

Pavel Roskin proski
Fri Nov 8 17:22:46 PST 2002


I haven't seen any updates in the HostAP CVS in the last weeks.  Maybe the 
CVS has moved elsewhere?

I'm using the repository at hostap.epitest.fi, as described here:

I was considering adding support for flashing firmware to prism2_srec
(actually the missing code is in the driver, not in prism2_srec), but I
don't want to do it if it won't be applied.

My little patches to fix compiler warnings with gcc 3.2 and to support 
DESTDIR in Makefile are also not applied.  Not that I really care, but I 
won't do anything more serious just to be ignored.

Maybe Jouni is on vacation or busy with other things?  I believe that 
Jouni has done an excellent job so far and I hope that he is OK.

Pavel Roskin

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