WDS & spanning tree query

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Thu Nov 7 17:54:26 PST 2002

Mike Saywell wrote :
> HostAP uses spanning tree it's WDS, correct?

	Usually, HostAP is configured with the standard L2 bridge code
in the kernel. The standard L2 bridge will do spanning tree to avoid
loops. There is no ttl or hop count on standard L2, so spanning tree
is the only way.
	If you want to eliminate spanning tree and create a mesh, you
will need to use a different method to do the forwarding of packet
that can avoid loops, such as static routing, AODV or one of its
friends (most of them are L3 forwarding). You can also mix L2 and L3
	Of course, all this is totally independant from the HostAP
driver itself.



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