Problems shutting down PCMCIA in Redhat 7.3

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze
Thu Nov 7 03:51:07 PST 2002

Does anyone else have problems shutting down PCMCIA under Redhat7.3 or any
other OS?
It seems to run fine, it's just the shutting down that has problems.

I've tried different versions of pcmcia-cs from 3.1.31 up to the most recent

I compile pcmcia-cs as a separate module and have always done it this way.

This is what I get when I try and shutdown pcmcia

Shutting down PCMCIA services: ds: Device or resource busy
i82365: Device or resource busy
pcmcia_core: Device or resource busy

from then on any iwconfig commands or ifconfig freeze up on me and when I
try a reboot the system locks up when it gets to shutting down the system

Anyone experienced similar or have any suggestions?

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