hostap on kernel v2.4.10

Ganesh Pasupathy gpasupathy
Wed Nov 6 13:17:02 PST 2002

I have a few questions regarding host AP I hope I could have answered. We
are currently implementing a DSL modem with router functionality.

1) I am currently using it with Debian kernel 2.4.10. This is the latest
release of code I can get for the ARM 92X target we are implementing. Do I
need to apply any kernel patches? I see that your release has patches for
2.4.19. Can I simply patch 2.4.10 with the same - if necessary.

2) Some documents indicate that the pcmcia-cs is only required for pre-2.4.X
releases. If so, can I ignore the patch?

3) Our implementation is purely proof of concept, we understand that if the
host based AP will be loaded heavily on any WLAN traffic, even if station to
station. If we have a single station environment (1 laptop station + 1
access point "hub"), what is the additional MIP hit on a host based AP, if
any, over the tertiary firmware method?

Thanks you,


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