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evilbunny evilbunny
Wed Nov 6 03:45:41 PST 2002

Hello hostap,

  Currently trying to compile the hostap pci and plx drivers into the
  kernel however when i run make bzImage i get the following error...

ld -m elf_i386  -r -o wireless_net.o hostap.o hostap_crypt.o hostap_crypt_wep.o hostap_plx.o hostap_pci.o
hostap_pci.o(.text+0xd88): In function `hostap_set_word_irq':
: multiple definition of `hostap_set_word_irq'
hostap_plx.o(.text+0xd80): first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `hostap_set_word_irq' changed from 185 to 184 in hostap_pci.o

compiling as modules and loading them works fine, as does compiling
them into the kernel individually...

Best regards,
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