source of prism cards?

Duncan Robertson duncan
Tue Nov 5 20:00:21 PST 2002

Hi all, sorry for a relatively non technical query on this list but it is
fairly relevant I think?

After working on a project that has dlink dwl-520 cards (using the hostap
driver) at the core we have been told that the dlink dwl-520 is not being made
anymore, instead there is the incompatible dwl-520+. Are there any other prism
chipset based PCI cards we can use that people feel will be made/available for
some time in future? We are hesitant about rolling out this project now unless
we can find another source of these cards to use, as it looks like the dwl-520
may and up like the compaq wl-200 (lucky to be found 2nd hand).


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