A way to force deassociation ?

Dominique Blas ml
Mon Nov 4 04:17:43 PST 2002


does someone know a smooth way to force deassociation on all associated 
stations ?

By smooth I wnat to say without be compelled to unload hostap and reload it.

I tried several ways :
	reset 0
	reset 1
	ifconfig down then up

But either stations are still associated or the hostap is in a curious state 
(stations still associated but no more date throughput).

The cleanest  way I've found is to unload hostap and then reload it, pass the 
different parameters, ifconfig the interface, stop and restart the different 
daemons bounded to the interface.
I find this way too heavy.

Thanks for your suggestions,


BTW , for those don"t know : changing the ESSID doesn't deassociate the 
already associated stations OK ?

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