Kernel panic - solvled!

Huang Xiaodong xdhuang
Mon Nov 4 02:35:13 PST 2002

Thanks for your reply.
I ignore the del_timer func. After added it, no kernel panic appear.

Huang xiaodong

In your mail:
>On Sat, Nov 02, 2002 at 01:55:29PM +0800, Huang Xiaodong wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Who can help?
>> I want to periodically broadcast a frame, the type is defined as Reserved
>> Frame (2:8) in the ieee 802.11 standard. I modified the driver adn found
>> after rebooting the system, my program can run very well, and the clients
>> receive the broadcast frame well too. But if I use "/etc/init.d/pcmcia
>> restart" 
>> after rebooting to start the D-Link pcmcia card, kernel panic error pop
>> like this:
>> Code: Bad EIP value.
>> Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
>> In interrupt handler - not syncing
>Hi!  I think I know what the problem is...
>Restarting PCMCIA removes your module and reinserts it.  So, what happens
>* Your timer is registered.
>* Your module is removed, and its code memory is freed.
>* Your timer fires!  The timer code tries to call newly freed memory.
>* Kernel panic, as nonused memory isn't even marked as executable.
>I believe you can solve it by adding a call to del_timer in the 
>prism2_free_local_data() function, just like the crypt_deinit_timer
> - use it.

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