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Geoff Smith gasssmith at
Thu Jun 23 04:14:27 PDT 2022

Non-BBC on demand programmes I play full screen on a spare PC, with an
ad-blocker (which only rarely gets detected), and record using the
free version of OBS Studio. It works fine on a W10 machine but not W7,
but I can't figure why.

Geoff Smith

On 23/06/2022, Jim web <web at> wrote:
> Is it possible to use yt-dlp to fetch video files of programmes from
> Channel 4's 'on demand'/'All 4' service? I'd like if I can to get copies of
> their 'Time Team' episodes, but can't see how to do it. A URL I tried
> didn't work, so either this isn't possible or I didn't find the correct
> URL. Or messed up some other way!
> The main page that lists the items is here
> Ta,
> Jim
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