Converting to M4A - ERROR: Conversion failed - retaining audio file:

Budge ajebay at
Mon Feb 7 07:17:56 PST 2022

I am running on openSUSE Leap 15.3 with KDE desktop and am returning to 
GiP after a few years without GiP.

I have ffmpeg and Atomicparsley installed in /usr/bin and the path to 
Atomicparsley is correct in my options.

I have forgotten most of what I remember but my home directory 
.get_iplayer is intact along with my PVR list, albeit now mainly 
obsolete.   I have v3.28 installed and the separate PVR version and 
running get_iplayer --pvr runs as expected but I get the captioned 
error.  Here is part of the output:-

INFO: Downloading radio: 'Composer of the Week: Edward Elgar (1857-1934) 
- 03. Self-Made Man (m001414d) [ori
INFO: Downloaded: 48.96 MB (00:19:29) @ 35.61 Mb/s (hafhigh1/bi) [audio]
INFO: Converting to M4A
INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256)
ERROR: Conversion failed - retaining audio file: 
INFO: Skipping all versions of this programme

Please could somebody help me sort this out.


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