GiP 3.27.1-MSWin32-x64: Resume after download failure

Xander Squier xanda at
Tue Mar 16 15:30:14 GMT 2021

Hello 1&All,

Some of our programmes failed to complete because the relevant subtitles
did not download although the HLS streams on disk are complete.

Manually downloading the SRT file using the option "--subtitles-only"
has since worked but now we would like get_iplayer to complete the
stream/subtitle/tagging stages.

We have tried the options "--force" and "--no-overwrite" both separately
& together but it seems the "--force" option just won't work without the
overwrite instruction tacked on.

Is there a way to kickstart get_iplayer from where it left-off without
having to re-download the streams again?


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